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My name is Erica. I work full time as a professionally pet groomer, certified doula and run a pet care website and blog on this site I love my job because I get to work with animals plus I work for myself and get to make my own schedule , but it is a very physical job and with over 10 years’ experience my body has gone through a lot of wear and tear. I cannot see myself being able to do this forever and I use to worry about a plan B if I ever got hurt until…I discovered Arbonne! Arbonne is a network marketing company, which is something I never saw myself doing, but I loved the products so much I decided to look further into the business side of it. I am so happy I did. This is an amazing company that will help me earn a residual income and plan for more time and financial freedom for my family and I. I already have seen so much growth within myself and even more excited for what my future with Arbonne entails.

I was first introduced to Arbonne in 2014. My first three products I ever tired were our protein shakes, genius pads, and our cc cream. These are still in my top 10 favorite products. Arbonne has been around for over 35 years and has always kept the motto Pure. Safe. And Beneficial. We are pure because all our products are botanically based and pH balanced. All products are free of occlusive oils, gluten, dairy, soy , phthalates, and parabens! We offer a skin care, hair care, cosmetics, and nutrition/wellness products. We have the best anti-aging skincare line on the market called RE9.     In February 2015 I decided to try our 30 days to healthy living program mostly because of my headaches, heartburn, chronic fatigue, and gastritis. I have never felt better than I did at the end of those 28 days. It is a complete reboot for your body. The main focus is to balance you pH and sugar levels, rid your body of nasty toxins, strengthen your digestive system, and support your eliminating organs. I still have a protein shake every day and maintain a clean eating diet because the detox made me develop new healthier habits. If you have and symptoms above plus anything like acne, joint pain, depression, pot belly, skin issues or food and chemical sensitivities I challenge you to do the 28 day detox. You will not regret it! I have now full blown arbonnized my home to make it a safer and healthier environment for my family and me. Please contact me via email with your needs and I will find you the best products for you! If you are local to me I am willing to travel in and around Manchester, NH to host a presentation Cities include but are not limited to Hooksett, NH. Goffstown, NH, Derry, NH, Londonderry, NH, Auburn, NH, Londonderry, NH and Bedford, NH. By hosting a presentation you get very generous host rewards! We also have a preferred client program where you get 20-40% off all our products, plus earn rewards! Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!!

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