Hi, I’m Erica Nicole

Welcome to my Clean Living website. I've recently started making very important changes in my life to become the healthiest, happiest and cleanest I have ever been from the inside out!

I want to share with you about clean eating, less toxic home products, recycling/upcycling, exercising, positivity, good reads and much more.

Clean Living
Learn how to eat and live well, clean.
Doula Services
Birth your baby the way you want to.

Lactation Consultant
Breasts are Best. Erica Nicole can teach proper latching techniques.
Pet Grooming and Care
Erica began her career as a pet groomer and co-owner of Prixie Pets , always with a love for living beings and caring heart.


Who is Erica Nicole?

Erica Nicole is a professional doula, lactation specialist and birthing advocate. Focused on clean living and healthy eating, she shares her passion for babies and pets alike.

Latest Clean Living News

Latest clean family advice – doula, baby, lactation articles and how to’s.