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This website offers positive and honest advice from me, a mom of two, a birth doula, and a lactation educator. I share advice, tips and products that have help me be super mom, be consistent with self care , and be successful in my career and business'. Finding that balance makes the stress levels go way down and the happiness vibes go way up!

For the Ladies
Self Care Tips, Positive Inspiration, and Life Hacks for Creating Balance.

For the Family
A More Natural Approach to Baby and Toddler Advice and Family Stability.


For the Mom to Be
Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding

For the Pets
Erica began her career as a pet groomer and co-owner of Prixie Pets , she believes pets are part of the family too.


    Who is Erica Nicole?

    Motherhood and Clean Living Educator

    Erica Nicole is a certified birth doula, lactation educator, and a mom of two boys. An advocate for birthing support and positive breastfeeding experiences, Erica is happy to help and connect with women and families during the early childhood experience.

    Pet Care & Young Family Influencer

    Starting her career as an Influencer and educator for Prixie Pets, a popular pet care website, she expanded her love for family and Motherhood.

    Focused on less stress, cleaner and more balanced living, Erica shares her passion for babies and pets here.

    Women Owned Business

    Erica Nicole is a businesses own and all-American girl. She puts her heart and hard work in everything she does.

    Erica Nicole

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