Monthly Archives: November 2015

    My Christmas Shopping Secret Weapons to Save the Most Money

      Santa is Coming Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which of course means official Christmas/Holiday shopping begins for most soon after. I wanted to share with you two tools I used that made my Holiday shopping a breeze and saved me lot’s of money!! I did most of...

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    Pregnancy Week 16

    16 Week-a-roos!

    Baby T is the size of a Dill Pickle! Nov 17, 2015-Nov. 23, 2015 How far along? 16 WeeksTotal weight gain/loss: Back to square one. 120 LBSMaternity clothes? Nope, yoga pants are the best tho!Stretch marks? No, but I am loving the my Arbonne firming creme.Sleep: Getting betterBest moment this week: Not much. So...

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    Week 15!!!

    Baby T is the size of a naval orange! Funny that’s what I have been craving lately! Nov 10, 2015- Nov. 16, 2015 How far along? 15 Weeks Total weight gain/loss: I fluctuate between 0-2 pounds because I still get nauseous and throw up sometimes. Maternity clothes? No, but my skinny jeans...

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    Baby T is 14 Weeks!

    Baby T is 14 weeks and the size of  a Lemon! Nov. 3, 2015- Nov. 9, 2015 How far along? 14 Weeks Total weight gain/loss: 1 LB Maternity clothes? Not yet but adding to my collections because I know the day is coming! Stretch marks? No, but  trying to get in the...

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    Lucky Week 13

    13 Weeks, Halloween Week! Baby T is the size of a Peach! Oct. 27, 2015-Nov. 2, 2015  How far along? 13 Weeks Total weight gain/loss: 1.5 pounds Maternity clothes? No but I am loving my yoga pants! Stretch marks? No and started using my Arbonne firming cream daily to...

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