Monthly Archives: February 2016

    Third Trimester!

      Week 29! How far along? 29 Weeks (man this is flying by!) Total weight gain/loss: 17 pounds gained…Seems like a trend. A pound a week. Maternity clothes? Yes they are the comfiest. (although not in this pic hehe) Stretch marks? Still none! Sleep: Some weird dreams and bad...

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    Busy week 28

    Busy Week 28! How far along? 28 Weeks Total weight gain/loss:16 Pounds Gained Maternity clothes? Still go back and fourth! Stretch marks? Still looking good! Sleep: Pretty good! Maybe one night a week I have a rough night. Best moment this week: So many this week! I put on my...

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    Week 27!

    How far along? 27 Weeks. Robbie is the size of a bunch of bananas! Total weight gain/loss: 135 lbs so 15 total gained. Maternity clothes? In the picture above I still have all normal clothes on….They are just extra stretchy 🙂 I do find maternity clothes very comfortable though!...

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