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About Me:

I’m Erica Nicole – A mother and fiance in her 30’s pushing for that perfect balance of our lives. I am a sensitive, hardworking, essential oil loving woman who’s family and friends are my world.
I LOVE being outdoors (bike riding, fishing, hiking…you name it!) and don’t mind getting my hands dirty, attempting DIY home projects.
Two of my favorite things in the world are babies and animals. They are a wonderful reminder to live in the moment and I’ve learned so much from working with both. Babies as a certified birth doula and with dogs and cats as a pet groomer. My fiance and I work together on another blog called www.prixiepets.com
Just like you I want what is best for my family and have been transitioning us to a more toxin-free healthier lifestyle. My favorite tools for this has been Arbonne personal care and nutrition products, plus making my own clean products using essential oils.
Since having my son I’ve found the challenge of balancing my time between self-care, family time and working, but I have been strategically figuring out schedules and routines so we are all happier and less stressed.
I am enjoying this crazy ride through the journey of life and I wanted to share it with you to inspire and help you reach your goals. I live my life with a positive energy/outlook. I love to smile, spend time with family, friends, and animals. I want to take care of the environment, my body, and others.
I’m sharing these positive thoughts, ideas, plans, and projects with you in hopes we all can be happier and less stressed!

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