16 Week-a-roos!

Pregnancy Week 16

Baby T is the size of a Dill Pickle! Nov 17, 2015-Nov. 23, 2015


How far along? 16 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Back to square one. 120 LBS
Maternity clothes? Nope, yoga pants are the best tho!
Stretch marks? No, but I am loving the my Arbonne firming creme.
Sleep: Getting better
Best moment this week: Not much. So sick 🙁
Miss Anything? Not being sick
Movement: No
Food cravings: Couldn’t keep much down this week, but when I can I’m still loving those oranges.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Alot! Had to call the Dr. on Monday because I could not keep anything down. The nurse told me to take Vitamin B6 and half a unisom tablet. I was able to keep dinner down, but it made  me very sleepy. I’m not one to take medication especially while pregnant, but I needed to get some food and liquids in me.
Have you started to show yet: Little bump. I’m sure Bobby and I are the only ones that can tell.
Gender: On the 10th of December we find out! Bobby wants a boy.
Labor Signs: No way!
Belly Button in or out? IN
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody. What’s new? hehe
Looking forward to: Feeling better!


Really rough week. I’ve noticed grooming takes more out of me especially with the big dogs. Monday was so hard being so sick. I’m glad I got some relief with the medication, but will only use it when I really need it!

Week 16 Pants
I posed like this in this picture because these were pants I almost gave away to Goodwill because 3 years ago they were too tight! Back then I was so unhealthy paying no attention to what I was eating. I lost some weight on my own, but the only way I met my goal weight was by detoxing. Arbonne’s detox taught me so much about eating clean. So, here I am 16 weeks pregnant and these pants are BAGGY on me!

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