18 Weeks!

Baby T is 18 weeks! Also, the size of a sweet potato! Dec. 1, 2015- Dec. 7 2015.

How far along?
18 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 2 pounds
Maternity clothes? None yet
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Sleeping pretty good!
Best moment this week: I felt the baby move!!!
Miss Anything? Not much!
Movement: YES! Bobby did too!
Food cravings: nothing in particular just eating a lot!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: It’s definitely growing now!
Gender: We find out next week!
Labor Signs: None but had some “growing pains” as I like to call them. Just achy in my abdomen because this belly is growing. Dr. said it is completely normal.
Belly Button in or out? IN
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!!
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender so I can stop calling “it” it!! Gender reveal party with my friends!

This was a pretty low key week. Didn’t do much, but clean the house, took Bruin on a couple walks, and prepared for the gender reveal party! I also went to a “Ladies night” at a local chiropractor Desired Care Chiropractic, PPLC. I went as a vendor for my Arbonne business. It was a lot of fun meeting new ladies and other new vendors. One was an essential oil distributor and I am really interested in this and hope to learn more! Cannot wait for the ultra sound next week!
week-18-(2) week-18


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