Busy week 28

WEEK-28Busy Week 28!

How far along? 28 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss:16 Pounds Gained
Maternity clothes? Still go back and fourth!
Stretch marks? Still looking good!
Sleep: Pretty good! Maybe one night a week I have a rough night.
Best moment this week: So many this week! I put on my big girl panties and voted in the NH primary! Celebrated Valentine’s day and passed my glucose test.
Miss Anything? My flexibility and ease of movement (mostly bending over) This is the first week I am finding it more difficult to chase little dogs around and pick them up off the floor when they would rather keep playing then get their haircut hehe
Movement: Yes, I felt him hiccup for the first time this week!
Food cravings: Anything and everything! Nothing really anything specific just want to always be eating!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Belly: Ugh getting bigger. Any regular pants now I have to use the hair tie trick because it is just uncomfortable to have them buttoned.
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Happy or Moody most of the time: A little of both I would say, but today was a very fun week so more Happy!
Looking forward to: My dentist appointment ( I love the dentist and how clean my teeth feel) and family birthday party this Sunday!


What a jammed pack week of many fun things! We had a little snow the day of the primary, so I had some cancellations. I saw it as a sign to take this time and go vote. I’m going to be honest and say that I never have even registered to vote! I’m a little ashamed, but honestly politics have never been my thing and I never know who or what to believe. I felt if I was not going to educate myself it was better not to vote then to vote uneducated/uninformed. This year Bobby and I watched a couple debates and I did a little research. Bobby more then I, so he helped me choose in the end even though once the election comes I think we are going to vote for different people 🙂 This time around we made a family decision.

On Thursday I had a Dr.’s appointment and had to take my glucose test. I wish I fought for a more natural way of doing it vs. drinking that drink they give you. It was orange flavor and honestly not that hard to get down. Just tasted like flat orange soda. It was after. I felt a little nauseous, but jugged water all day to help flush it out. I tried to avoid anymore carbs because the 50g in the drink is enough for 2 days. I did feel better with the water and only had a headache for a little bit and felt tired in the afternoon. I drank an Arbonne fizz stick and it helped a lot.




Last but not least, Bobby and I celebrated Valentines Day. We did a lot of organizing around the house and getting the nursery more put together. This doesn’t sound very romantic, but that’s what makes me really happy right now! Cleaning, organizing, and rearranging! Nesting?? Bobby also made me dinner. Gluten free spaghetti with meat sauce. It was so good…minus the onions (he tried to sneak them in, but I could tell)!
Hope you guys all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day too!! Squeeze those loved ones tight and let them know how much they mean to you!

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