No more belly button ring!

week-26How far along? 26 Weeks. Baby Boy is the size of a head of lettuce!
Total weight gain/loss: 14 pounds total gained
Maternity clothes? Yes, but still regular clothes too!
Stretch marks? None 🙂
Sleep: Sleeping good! Wish I was more disciplined to go to bed earlier, but there is just so much to do around here.
Best moment this week: Signed on my newest business partner for Arbonne…Julia! I’m really excited to show her the ropes of this business and help her make her dreams come true!
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach. I didn’t always, but it’s nice to be able to if you want to haha
Movement: Lots! Got a little on video, but it’s nothing compared to what I am feeling! Hope he stops being camera shy soon!
Food cravings: I cannot stop eating chocolate. I try to limit myself to one treat a day! I finished all the chocolate from Christmas presents and I said “OK, no more!” The next day Bobby comes home with more Ghirardelli chocolates! I guess it was that obvious hehe
Anything making you queasy or sick: No feeling great and taking full advantage. Been organizing closets at home, grooming full time still, and working my Arbonne business!
Belly: Feeling big especially at night.
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? In, but I finally took my belly button ring out. Better safe then sorry.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Crystal’s Car presentation! With Arbonne we celebrate when each consultant becomes a Regional Vice Presidents and earns their company car…a Mercedes Benz! There will be raffles, food, and dancing!!!

This week was pretty mellow. Went to the monthly Arbonne meeting and that is where Julia decided to join my team! The rest of the week I have just been trying to rest and organize! The crib came in and I love it! I was at work and my parents delivered it to my house. Them and Bobby surprised me by having it all put together when I got home. I am so happy because it matches my Grandfathers furniture very well! Sorry for the crappy pics, but I took them myself this week! XOXO

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