Week 15!!!

Baby T is the size of a naval orange! Funny that’s what I have been craving lately! Nov 10, 2015- Nov. 16, 2015

week-15-(2) week-15

How far along? 15 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I fluctuate between 0-2 pounds because I still get nauseous and throw up sometimes.
Maternity clothes? No, but my skinny jeans are definitely feeling tighter!
Stretch marks? None
Sleep: Pretty Good
Best moment this week: Being with family. Also Dr. appointment went well. Very low risk for downs syndrome. 1 in 5,000. Everything else looked great on ultra sound too. Sticking with 5/3/16 for due date.
Miss Anything? Not really
Movement: No, I don’t know how I am going to tell the difference between movement and gas bubbles LOL
Food cravings: Oranges. So juicy.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I do still get morning sickness and I am starting to worry again I will have this the entire time. What a tease week 12 was.
Have you started to show yet: Just bloated looking
Gender: Don’t know, but EVERYONE thinks it is a girl!
Labor Signs: No, but I do feel crampy and or get the round ligament pain sometimes. Also back pain when bending over too much.
Belly Button in or out? IN!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Not as moody, but being sick does not make me happy.
Looking forward to: 

Jack Canfield was amazing and I had a great time spending my day with the Arbonne ladies! I had fun at my parents with my extended family celebrating my brother and my cousins birthdays. I then left there and went to my friend Katie’s house to celebrate her two kids birthdays! It was great to see and chat with her because she is only one week behind me with  her third child.  On Sunday I slept most of the day, but starting feeling well enough to go to Liam’s birthday in the afternoon. He turned five and we celebrated at Cowabungas. A bunch of indoor bounce  houses! Wish they had that around when I was little. Didn’t bounce much it made me nauseous hehe

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