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How to Help Soothe a Teething Baby

Ethan my now 10 month old is a bundle of love full of smiles who gives the absolute best hugs. He doesn’t just smile, he looks you right in the eye and smiles with his whole face.  It feels so genuine. He’s full of belly laughs too….well was. Until...

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Get More Sleep

How to Get More Sleep

I use to have such a hard time sleeping at night. My significant other would come to bed, kiss me goodnight, and be sleeping within 10 minutes while I laid there staring at the ceiling trying to stop the million thoughts going through my head. Sound familiar? Well, since...

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Naturally Healthy Family

Keep your Family Healthy During Flu Season

When one person gets sick, it tends not to be long before the whole house is ill. Keeping your family healthy is important, especially during flu season. It isn’t an easy task, let alone using natural ways. That’s why I put together this list of … Natural Ways to...

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Homemade Elderberry Syrup

How to Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup

Homemade, Cold Fighting Elderberry Syrup A couple of years ago a friend of mine shared the amazing benefits of elderberry syrup and even shared her recipe so I can make my own at home. The benefits that peaked my interest was it helps to build your immune system and...

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Mother and 1 Week Son

First Week With Newborn Baby Ethan

A Healthy Baby Boy Ethan Walden came into this world one week ago today. It honestly feels like he has been here much longer. I think it’s because of his presence has just made me slow down and stay present in the moment as much as possible. Labor Time...

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DIY Cleaning Products FB

Safe DIY Home Cleaning Products

One big step that I decided to take a couple years ago was removing as many toxic chemicals from our home. Including personal care products and cleaning products. Harsh cleaning chemicals like bleach can be linked to some cancers and are easily absorbed into our bodies by breathing them...

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Happy Birthday Sheila! A sign from Above.

Yesterday was Sheila’s birthday! Happy birthday Sheila! I know you partied hard in heaven and are watching down on us! Sheila was one of my best friends sisters who was a part of my life since 1st grade! She was the “fill in” sister for me because I never had...

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Sunday Adventures #1- Walden Pond

    Bobby and I find family time extremely important. Growing up my family never did anything too crazy for vacations. Typically we would spend  a week at a campground in Maine and just enjoy the great outdoors: hiking, riding our bikes, swimming or boating. Although it’s always inevitable...

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Gifts for Dad

  Father’s day is Sunday June, 18th. I’ve put together a list of most love Arbonne products by men to make your gift giving for this holiday easy! Show Dad how much you love him by giving him something he will actually use. Order today so it will arrive...

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My Must Have Products for Summer!

Arbonne is a company I trust to put safe ingredients into their products. All products are gluten free, vegan, and botanically based.  I am an independent consultant with Arbonne and here to answer any of your questions and find the best products for your needs. Here is a list...

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