Closet Disaster – Fall is here… Time to clean out my closet!


Fall is officially here and in NH it is feeling like it too! I’ve been extremely busy this summer and next thing I know it is fall.

I’ve been trying to find a good day to organize my closet, so I could put away the summer clothes and get out my sweaters and sweatshirts!!

My Closet Disaster

I’m embarrassed to even be posting this before picture! I don’t think my closet has been this bad in years!

Messy Closet

My excuse is once it gets unorganized it is harder and harder to find an outfit, so I would try something on, not like it, throw it on one of the shelves and look for something new.

Yesterday I decided was a good day to tackle this daunting task. It took me a couple hours because I also organized the drawers in my bureau plus I don’t just switch out the summer for the fall clothes.

I go through each item and decide if it is a keeper for another season, something I should donate, or something that is so far gone it needs to be turned into a rag!





Keeping it Clean

Now that my closet is nice and organized, I want to put everything back in its place…Lets hope I feel this way for awhile! 🙂

Nice Clean Closet

Going through my clothes seasonally and deciding to donate any item if  I haven’t worn it that whole season helps me because I have less items to store.

I was a little late organizing it this fall, but if you haven’t already I hope this motivates you to organize your closet too!

What are some of your tips or tricks to keep your closet clean?



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