Getting the “Not enough available storage” error on your iPhone?

Not Enough Storage Error on your iPhone or iPad?

For the last couple months I have been having trouble with not enough storage on my iphone6. I found out in June that there is a deleted photos album that saves all deleted pictures for up to 30 days. I deleted these pictures thinking I solved the problem. NOPE! I realized today after transferring all pictures off my iPhone onto my external hard drive that something wasn’t right. I had 28 pictures left on my phone and it was still saying the pictures and videos are were taking up 3.5 GB of my storage space! I decided to turn off the phone and turn it back on. Still no help. I searched YouTube and came across this very helpful video! There are a couple other things you can try, but this was the only thing that worked for me!
Apparently this is some kind of glitch. Even if you delete the pictures out of the deleted album they are still stored on your phone in a place where you cannot find them. Follow the instructions in this video I found over 850 “ghost” pictures that were still being stored on my iPhone! My photos are now down to 300MB! Halleluiah! This has been an issue for me for months! I am so happy now! Hope this helps you as well!


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