Happy Birthday Sheila! A sign from Above.

Yesterday was Sheila’s birthday! Happy birthday Sheila! I know you partied hard in heaven and are watching down on us!

Sheila was one of my best friends sisters who was a part of my life since 1st grade! She was the “fill in” sister for me because I never had one. From teasing me, teaching me, laughing with me, and even babysitting me. A memory that sticks out to me was one day when she was babysitting me we wrote down all the words from the song Part of this World off the Little Mermaid sound track, just so we could then record ourselves singing it 🙂 She was a lot of fun, seemed to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow, all while always looking out for us.

Have you ever felt like you received a sign from above? I truly feel Sheila sent me a sign this Sunday, so I would like to share my story:

The Muti’s had a family tradition of going up to Point Sebago for a week every summer. I was lucky enough to join them on some of those vacations! Sheila’s younger sister and my lifelong friend, Ali, is now starting the tradition with her own family and asked me to come up and visit while they were there. I was debating it because it’s a bit of a drive and driving that far with a one year old by yourself can go either really good or really bad haha. I told her on Sunday I would get back to her that next day to let her know what I decided to do.
After talking with Ali we had to leave our house to attend a family birthday party up in Vermont. One of the birthdays being celebrating was my own. Bobby had taken me to a fun trip to Vermont the week of my birthday, but decided to get me a few gifts to open at the party too! One of the presents was a small pile of older CD’s he found and thought I would enjoy. One of them was the sound track to Little Mermaid!! Instantly I thought of Sheila!
After a fun day of celebrating we decided to make the trek back home to NH. As we got in the car Bobby asked what was on my seat. He picked up the object in question and we both realized it was a post card I had written to my parents about how much fun I was having at Point Sebago with the Sheila’s family. The post card was stamped 1992! I know it was my mom who had left the post card there because she has been going through a lot of stuff she has up in the attic or storage room in her house. From time to time she will give me a box of memorabilia  she has found and wants me to look at, but why after 25 years of having this postcard did she give it to me on the day I was deciding to go up there?!!? I just looked at Bobby and said well I guess that’s a sign. I need to go to Point Sebago!
Point Sebago Postcard
Point Sebego, ME Postcard
Once we got home I  looked at the calendar and realized the day I was thinking of going to Point Sebago was Sheila’s birthday!! I immediately called Ali, told her the whole story and said obviously my answer is yes! I’m coming!
A few days later Robbie and I made the 2 hour drive to and from Point Sebago listening to an audio book but making sure to take some breaks to blast the Little Mermaid sound track! Robbie was an angel during both car rides and we had such a fun time making new memories with our wonderful friends!! I’m so happy I listened to Sheilas signs  <3

The beautiful beach where we spent most of our day.

We wish you could of meet our boys Sheila!

Had a drink with the girls at the Hole 19 snack bar. We made sure to cheers Happy Birthday to Sheila!

Sometimes you just need a little nudge to know what’s the right decision. Do you feel like someone has ever sent you a sign from above? I would love to hear about it! Post your story in the comments below!

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