Labor Day Weekend!


As this wonderful Labor Day weekend comes to a close I wanted to do a recap! First and foremost, Happy Birthday Mom! Typically Bobby and I go camping Labor Day weekend, but this year we decided to stay home and work on our very long to-do lists and enjoy a relaxing weekend!


We decided to take it easy. I ran a couple errands on my way home from work and then we went out to dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant YUKI! Afterwards, we rented movies from RedBox (can’t beat renting a new movie for only $1.50). We watched the Will Ferrell movie “Get Hard”. I thought it was funny, but Will Ferrell always makes me laugh. I loved spending this one on one time with Bobby, just relaxing and not working!


My friend Maureen highly recommended the Nashua River Rail Trail, so Bobby and I decided to go for a bike ride on that Saturday morning. It was busy because of Labor Day weekend, but that didn’t matter. This rail trail is gorgeous. You bike pass a horse barn, beautiful wet lands, a river, and even go through a little town where you can stop for ice cream! It is nicely paved and is 24 miles long. We only did half of it. 6 miles in and 6 miles back. What a great workout!
When we got home I decided to work on a few projects around the house. One is a new shelf for all my Arbonne face products in my bathroom. See what I did here. I also worked on, (a website Bobby and I run together) and worked on my business with Arbonne. I then started to re-arrange our living room, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while!
We finished the day with Bobby cooking us dinner on the grill and watching another movie called “The Runner” with Nicolas Cage. It is a political movie, which I am not very interested in, but I found it still a good movie.

labor-day-selfie trail Trail-Head


This weekend is lasting forever and I’m loving it! I don’t usually take this many days off in a row! Bobby slept in so I decided to work a little in the AM. Once Bobby woke up we went for a long walk/jog on the Manchester Rail Trail. It is only about a mile from our house so we walked there. It was very hot at this point, but once we got to the trail we decided to run it to the end and back which is not very long on this stretch of the trail. We took Bruin, our dog, and he enjoyed it very much!
Once we got home and showered because we were dripping in sweat, we drove to Londonderry to go to brunch at Janie’s. I got a ham and cheese omelet. Not the best choice for clean eating, but it was really yummy!
Next we went to the Londonderry Flea Market! We need a few more tools to add to our collection and this is a good place to get them cheap. We always have our eyes peeled for anything unique or interesting too. I didn’t find much today, but Bobby did find something for my friends B-day that I am really excited to give him! I’ll post the pics after his b-day so I don’t spoil the surprise!
I finished painting my bathroom shelf and rearranging the living room. Then, I got treated again with Bobby grilling! He made hamburgers and corn on the grill and I made quinoa and salad. Happy, full and exhausted I showered and watched a movie in bed! I don’t usually watch this many movies, but I also don’t ever have this much free time! I watch “Words and Pictures” on Netflick. Very cute chick flick about a prep school English teacher and the new Art teacher who is also an abstract painter with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Passed out early and can’t believe I still have tomorrow off too!


Woke up early and decided to take all the pictures off my iPhone because it is saying they are taking up a lot of my memory. While doing that I decided to really organize some of my pictures by separating them for my blog, for Prixie Pets and then to save on my hard drive. After transferring and then deleting all my pictures my iPhone was saying I was still using 3.5GB of my memory for pictures and videos! I had deleted all the pictures from my deleted album too so I was like “What the heck”?! I decided while I have the time I need to figure this out and started searching on YouTube. The first video I came across said to change the date and time on your phone back 2 years and you would find “ghost photos” that would appear in your deleted picture album once you did this.. Unfortunately it did not work for me. So I searched ghost photos on iPhone 6. That’s when I came across a very helpful video and was able to delete over 850 pictures that I would have never found on my phone otherwise! Check out that video here! This entire “organize photos” process took a lot longer than I thought, but what better time to do it!
I then got into my bathing suit and treated myself to 2 hours of relaxing and swimming in the pool! I multi tasked and listened to some Arbonne  tips phone calls because I am always looking to grow and learn!

Once I got home I decided to work more on my To-do list! I hung the shelf in the bathroom and I must say I am pretty proud of myself…it is a Pinterest success! I also hung a picture my friend Ali gave me for my birthday and fixed my jewelry box mirror. Yes I said jewelry box mirror! I love this thing! I got it off amazon YEARS ago now and I think the move was just a bit much for it and the hinges on the door loosened. Anyway, it is a full length mirror that opens up and stores all your jewelry!! After that I took a break and watched my man Cesar Millan on Netflicks in “Leader of the Pack”. I am now pretty much caught up to present time where I am blogging and organizing!

This was not as social as my normal weekends are but it was beautiful and productive! I hope you all enjoyed it too and got to relax! XOXO


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