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Bobby and I find family time extremely important. Growing up my family never did anything too crazy for vacations. Typically we would spend  a week at a campground in Maine and just enjoy the great outdoors: hiking, riding our bikes, swimming or boating. Although it’s always inevitable to have at least one rainy day. That’s when we took advantage and went to a museum, shopping in cute little down towns, or any other interesting indoor attraction. Even not on vacation I remember many fun day trips all across New England. Regardless we always had SO MUCH FUN and even if my brother and I didn’t know it we were filling our brains with knowledge and experiences that would help us later in life. This family quality time makes up many of the memories I have from growing up, so I wanted to continue this tradition with my own family now. Sundays are the best day for us due to work schedules so I decided to call these fun experiences Sunday Adventures!

First up Walden Pond in Concord, MA

This was all Bobby’s idea because he has read the book Walden by Henry Thoreau. Thoreau lived at the pond from 1845-1847 while he wrote the book. This is a beautiful state park/reservation with a pond for swimming, kayaking and small electric boating. It is open year round so some winter activities could be enjoyed there as well. There are a TON of trails and can even go to the site of Thoreau’s one room cabin.

We left at 11:15am just in time for Robbie to take his first nap during the 50 min car ride. It was very easy to find and has a few different large parking lots. There was no one at the little house at the entrance so we were a bit confused on how to pay. (There is a daily fee of $8 a day for MA residents or $10 a day for non-MA residents. Yearly passes are available too) Lucky for us there was two mounted police we were able to ask. Apparently there are self-service pay stations in each lot that we didn’t even notice! Most are credit card only, but there is one in the first lot that accepts cash.

Now that we have the parking settled and we are legal we loaded up Robbie in the stroller and headed across the street to the pond. The crosswalk is very safe and has blinking lights available to warn any automobiles that you are crossing. We followed the wide hill down to the beach area where they also have bathrooms and showers. Most of the beach even had life guards. We chatted with one of them for a few minutes while we ate lunch. He said it gets very busy in peak season. Sometimes it is full by 10am. Around 1pm they will start letting people in again once some others have left and it only takes 45 min to get filled up again! I guess we picked a good time to go before it gets that busy. The life guard also directed us to the most well groomed trail to visit the site of Thoreau’s cabin.








The trail was well maintain and only a few exposed roots or bumps, but I am glad we had our City Elite Stroller because I know my other stroller would not of been able to go through the sand, rocks, or roots very well. In order to preserve the nature around the trail they do have a wire fence on both sides keeping all us visitors on the trail. This makes it very narrow and feel next time I would probably just wear my carrier and carry Robbie. It would also have been helpful because after we got to the cabin site Robbie wanted out of the stroller and not to go back in until further down the trail. Soon he will be able to run around but not walking yet!

At the site there was information signs, a rock pile for wishing dreams, the hearth from the chimney that was in Thoreau’s cabin and the footings from his wood shed. I would love and enjoy to live in that peaceful location too! I always find it fascinating to peak into the lives of others that where on this earth over a hundred years ago. I was standing where Henry Thoreau had once stood! I always get that feeling when I sit in my rocking chair from 1910-1920’s. 🙂 After snapping a few pictures we decided to continue on the trail that continues on around the entire pond. Very peaceful quiet day surrounded by trees which made the air so fresh and clean.






We found ourselves back at the beach again where we stopped at the bathroom and shower house to go pee before we left. On the way back to the car we stopped by the model of Thoreau’s quaint cabin located right next to the parking lot. It was just big enough for a twin sized bed, fireplace, and a small desk. A little further down next to the parking lot there is a gift shop, bookstore and the Tsongas gallery. We did not have time to stop and check those out because Robbie was pooped and ready for another car ride nap.

Car Ride Nap


This was a great day trip that I really enjoyed and hope to go back again this year. Have you ever been to Walden Pond? Comment below your experiences or any questions!




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