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30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond by Arbonne

I am so happy I am able to share this amazing program with you as an Arbonne Independent consultant. I first completed this clean eating challenge in February 2015 and then again after I had my son Robbie, both times I’ve had such fantastic results I am happy to share it with people to help them feel their best, get healthy, and meet their weight management goals! You can see here why I personally LOVE it here!

We start making excuses and think it is just because we are getting older, genetics, started a new stressful job, have a toddler at home, etc. etc.  Honestly, what is happening is we are not giving our bodies what it needs to function at it’s full potential. By adding all these vitamin and mineral rich whole foods I’ve never felt better. I’ll admit this is not the easiest thing to do. I was a carb-o-holic and sugar addict so there were days were I just really wanted a cupcake ha, but the products Arbonne offers are what got me through! The products in the kit are there to support you as you are breaking your bad habits.

The kit also includes recipes with grocery lists! This was the easiest grocery shopping I have ever done. The list was made, separated by food category and by meal. I’ve always been a pretty picky eater and I was very pleased with my options. This program helped me improve on my cooking skills, try new things, and actually enjoy making dinner because they were so quick, easy and yummy! Many have become staples in our household! Last but not least is our support groups! If you are on Facebook you will be added to a private group with a group of people who are completing the challenge the same time you are. I found this extremely helpful and motivating. Accountability is key!  Are you ready for a change? Sick of feeling exhausted and run down?  Please let me help you live a healthier lifestyle and feel your best! You will see an explanation of what is included in our kit and what the benefits each product is. Please contact me for more information or if you would like to order!! XOXO

Product Details – What’s in the Kit!

Most Arbonne Nutrition Products are formulated with standardized botanical extracts so you get the same nutrient amounts every
time, for optimum health benefits.
Our vegan and gluten-free certified products are developed with premium blends of vitamins,
minerals, botanicals, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics for maximum product
Good for your whole family and good for you. Live an extraordinary, healthy life.

 2 Protein Shakes –  Chocolate and  Vanilla available, you choose the flavors!protein-shakes
• Deliver 20 grams of easy-to-digest vegan protein derived from peas, rice and cranberries, plus 20 vitamins and minerals per serving
Key Ingredients: Vegan Protein Blend, Coenzyme Q10, ginseng, vitamins and minerals

Daily Fiber Boost – 30 Day supply
• Delivers 12 grams of fiber, nearly half of the recommended daily amount Fiber
• A flavorless blend that can be added to all hot or cold foods and beverages
• Perfect boost to the Chocolate or Vanilla Protein Shakes
Key Ingredients: Fibersol-2® , pea fiber, apple fiber, orange fiber

Digestion Plus digestion-plus
•Prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes help support optimal digestive health


2 Boxes of Energy Fizz Sticks –  Citrus and Pomegranate flavors (your choice!)fizz-sticks
• Temporarily helps promote alertness and enhance cognitive performance
• Temporarily helps promote endurance and enhance motor performance
Key Ingredients: green tea, ginseng, guarana, caffeine

Herbal Detox Tea – 2 Boxes detox-tea
• A delicious, mild, decaffeinated herbal tea with nine botanicals that support the liver and kidneys for overall health
• Great way to start your morning without the caffeine or end your day without staying up all night
Key Ingredients: milk thistle, peppermint, dandelion, uva ursi

7-Day Body Cleanse cleanse
• Helps cleanse and detoxify the system and support the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Assists with the gentle elimination of toxins
• Great way to prepare the body for a new weight management regimen
Key Ingredients: milk thistle, aloe vera, seaweed extract, antioxidant fruit blend

Plus your choice of a FREE product off our “most popular items” list!

This package is 40% off!
For more information or if interested in ordering a detox kit, email me at: or call me at 603-682-3213 or click on this Arbonne link.  Sign up to become a new preferred client. Then click on the nutrition category. In the search bar at the top of the page type in ASVP and click the magnifying glass. Click on the 30 days to healthy living and beyond ASVP.  Add it to your bag and pick your flavors! Click on your shopping cart. If you scroll down you will see a section to add your free gift! Once completed continue checking out by following the steps.

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