One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

What a busy, fun and successful day off for me today! Dropped my car off at the garage to get it inspected, while waiting I went to my dentist appointment and then my mom picked me up and we spent HOURS searching for treasures at The Renewable Trading Company in Derry, NH. What a fun consignment store! You will get dizzy there is so much stuff there, but in a good way! My mom was specifically looking for a children’s step stool for a baby shower gift. I was looking for a self for my bathroom and I always keep my eyes out for a good gift. It makes for a unique presents vs. the good ol’ gift card.
I love antiquing and shopping at consignment shops and thrift stores because you can find some great stuff for cheaper, it is a great way to stop filling up our landfills, and especially when talking about furniture they just don’t make stuff like they use to! I have not bought a new piece of furniture in over a year besides my kitchen chairs ( I couldn’t help it I just fell in love when I saw them and was having no luck at finding what I wanted at the consignment stores. It had been over a month and we needed a place to sit down for dinner!) I found my kitchen table at Good will for $20! My bedroom furniture is a beautiful set that was in my grandfather’s house for years and my mom gave us our “new to us” butler style coffee table, which she originally got a at consignment store too. In my style I love mixing old with new and feel by reusing these older pieces it keeps their history alive.
Anyways, back to my amazing day! My mom found two Winnie the Pooh pictures that were in perfect shape, in beautifully double matted frames for only $10 each. I felt the framing alone was worth that. She also found a pretty three panel mirror to go over her buffet in her kitchen. She saw it halfway thru our searching then once checking out she couldn’t get it off her mind and had to buy it. She had been looking for a mirror in that style for a while. That’s always the down fall of shopping at consignment stores. There is not really time to sit on it and think about it for a couple days. It may be gone and then you always regret not buying it. After doing it for a while though, you know the feeling you get when you find a piece you have to have and you learn to go with your gut!
That brings me to my find of the day! A 1910-1920’s Colonial Revival Hoop Back Windsor Rocking Chair. I walked by it. Turned around and sat in it. Thought it was the perfect size…small, yet comfortable and perfectly worn. There was a blanket over the back of it and I didn’t even bother looking at the price because I wasn’t looking for a rocking chair, so decided to move on. I found an old Krispy Saltines tin. I have been collecting old tins to decorate my kitchen and think one day I will plant some herbs in them! On my way back by I had to sit in the rocking chair again. Ugh, I LOVED it! The creaking of wood against wood and it just hugged me when I sat in it. I moved the blanket and read this sign: Colonial Revival Hoop Back Windsor Rocking Chair $125. The Phoenix chair company had a fairly short history, late 1895-1930’s. This chair was made 1910-1920s. It replicates loosely hoop back Windsor chairs from the late 1700’s and early 1800s. I knew it was old, but I didn’t think it was that old. I just thought “who has sat in this chair all those years before me”. My mom could see how drawn I was to it and offered to buy it for my birthday present. I couldn’t stop smiling rocking in it, so of course I said yes! It sits in my living room for now, but I one day I envision it in my nursery so I can rock my baby to sleep then maybe one day pass it down to him/her.


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