February’s Good Reads Pick

I find it fitting that the month of February’s book has the word love in it. It is called Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton.

I found out about this book after hearing Glennon on Oprah’s podcast Super Soul Conversations. I immediately downloaded it on audible so I could start listening to it while I was at work. I’ll be honest it was different than I expected and listen for about a half hour and then didn’t start listening to it again until about a month later.

I’m not sure why I liked it, but wasn’t completely drawn to it and forgot to listen to it again. I think it was one of those situations where I was just not ready to hear her message yet. 

Once I did start listening to it again, I finished the book almost straight through. I could not stop listening to it! The book got better and better as it went along. This book was life changing for me.

Glennon is honest, brave and relatable as she shares her story starting from her childhood all the way through to the hardest time of her marriage. She went through what I would call an awakening. She finally listened to her mind body and soul. Allowing them to work together to find her true self. She then learns how to live her life in a way to honor that deep spirit within.  This is a wonderful movement of how we should be living as self-loving women and raising our young girls.

Such a profound book that I starting listening to it again only 3 days after finishing it because I feel this is life changing for me. I was quiet and shy growing up. A people pleaser who just did as she was told. Glennon has taught me how to not push my feelings away and to express them in the moment. Stand up for myself and not care what others think. Those that love me will accept me and that is who I want in my life.

Go grab your copy of Love Warrior now. You won’t be sorry.