How to Get More Sleep

Get More Sleep

I use to have such a hard time sleeping at night. My significant other would come to bed, kiss me goodnight, and be sleeping within 10 minutes while I laid there staring at the ceiling trying to stop the million thoughts going through my head. Sound familiar? Well, since learning these 10 easy tips I typically fall asleep within 15 minutes.

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1. Magnesium

This is number one for a reason. If you don’t do anything else at least try adding a magnesium supplement. I want to scream from the mountain tops for everyone to add magnesium to their life if they haven’t already!

If you do not take magnesium regularly you are most likely deficient in it. Some common side effects of not getting enough magnesium is cold feet and hands, muscle twitches, liquids go through you easily,muscle cramps, tight neck and shoulders.  It also may cause anxiety, irritability, hormonal imbalances, and trouble sleeping.. Magnesium helps you sleep because it is required for our GABA receptors to work. GABA receptors are responsible for calming us and turning our brain off when its time to sleep. It is extremely hard to eat enough food to get the proper amount of magnesium so I recommend Ease Magnesium Spray. You can take it in pill form, but a side effect is diarrhea until you figure out the right amount for you. With the spray your skin absorbs it directly never effecting your digestive tract. I also recommend Mineral Essence by Young Living.  You may find yourself in a better mood and more energy though!

2. Have a bedtime routine

A new habit needs to be started by making bedtime around the same time every night and following a simple bedtime routine. I usually start mine about an hour before my bedtime and this triggers my brain to realize its time to start winding down. This is what my bedtime routine consists of, but make your own catered to you, making sure to include many of these tips in it!

3. No screen time one hour before bed

This means any screen. IPad, laptop, phone, TV, etc. The bright white/blue light late at night stops your brain from naturally releasing Melatonin which is what helps you sleep! Even if watching a movie makes you fall asleep you will be more likely to wake during the night causing you to have a restless nights sleep. I recommend starting your bedtime routine by putting your phone on the charger far away from your bed. Also make sure there is no white/blue light coming from cable boxes, modems or alarm clocks. Any little light should be covered with some black electrical tape so once the lights are off there is complete darkness(or just unplug your modem and routers at night to cut down on EMF radiation). FYI For Apple users if you have to use your phone or Ipad at night they have a “night shift” mode which warms up the color of your screen. You can even set this on a timer so it does it automatically! Click here to learn how!

6. Read

What are you suppose to do if you can’t use your phone or TV before going to sleep? Curl up in bed with a good book. Preferably one with not too much action or something that is not going to get you excited or energized. A fun, simple easy read is great.

5. Use essential oils

Nothing sets the mood for bedtime like diffusing or inhaling essential oils. Aromatherapy is a very effective way to help your brain relax. Many essential oils can also be applied topically, so I recommend doing both. Some great oils that are known for their calming effects are lavender, Frankincense, cedar wood and vanilla. I prefer Young Living Essential Oils because I know they are safe, most potent, and come from quality sources. Young Living has many great blends to help aid in sleep too. Most popular ones are Peace and Calming and Stress Away. Essential oils not only relax you, but support the perinal gland who is responsible for releasing the proper amounts of melatonin. Please make sure the essential oils you are using natural and not synthetic.

6. Exercise

Maybe this is an obvious one, but I always sleep 10 times better when I exercise. It helps you burn off energy so you are tired, it is a great de-stressor, and any type of exercise is great for your overall health, so what do you have to loose? Exercising helps me tremendously with my racing thoughts.

7. Avoid eating especially sugar and caffeine close to bedtime

I try not to have any type of caffeine past 4 o’clock in the afternoon. That may seem early, but anytime after that I feel it effecting my sleep. Same goes for sugar. Also, when you eat late at night your body, even though it does it subconsciously, needs to digest your food. Unbeknownst to you this can keep you awake!

8. Meditate

Meditating has been the most effective way for me to stop those racing thoughts. It makes me concentrate on my breathing, slowing it down along with my heart rate. It takes my thoughts from the day and helps me to let them go. Once I start meditating I know any thought that comes into my mind will be released and not thought about again until the morning. If you are beginner it is extremely helpful to use a guided meditation. I recommend a body scan and this one is my favorite!




9. Sleep Spray

Like I have mentioned earlier melatonin has such a big influence on our sleep. Including our sleep patterns. Arbonne makes a safe, vegan, melatonin sleep spray which has been a big help for me on the nights I need a little extra something to help me relax. I also find it extremely beneficial to bring with me when I am traveling and not as comfortable as I would be in my own bed.

10. Wear a sleep mask

Ever since I started using a sleep mask I am sleeping much better and later into the morning. We have a sky light and while I love it during the day, at night and early morning it is extremely distracting and bright! This also helps hide the white and blue lights you may have in your room. A silk sleep mask is cool, breathable, and allows healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out. This is the one I am currently using.

Let me know in the comments below what you do to help you fall asleep or an example of your bedtime routine. If you try any of these let me know what worked best for you! Living on no sleep is hard, frustrating and no fun so I wish you many calm nights with deep healing sleep. Sweet Dreams


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