First Week With Newborn Baby Ethan

Mother and 1 Week Son

A Healthy Baby Boy

Ethan Walden came into this world one week ago today. It honestly feels like he has been here much longer. I think it’s because of his presence has just made me slow down and stay present in the moment as much as possible.

Labor Time

I feel he was trying to do this during my pregnancy but not sure I listened as much as I should of as I was doing so much anticipating his arrival. I even had a bit of anxiety at the end causing high blood pressure. I eventually just stopped working and I feel that was the best decision.

Woman Beginning Labor
Erica Nicole just after beginning contractions.
Mother and 1 Week Son
Mother and 1 Week Old Baby

I took time for me. I stumbled upon Oprah’s podcast Super Soul and started listening to the New Earth series with Eckhart Tolle. It all came back to me. I remember reading his book prob 10 years ago now. It spoke to me but not sure I was ready for it. His words of wisdom made me pull his book out of the bookcase and start reading it again.

Ethan was not a planned pregnancy and that made me worry a bit because my fiancé and I were not where we wanted to be with our business’, financially, or as parents to our smart rambunctious 2 year old.

I believe Ethan came into our lives to make us slow down, enjoy the moment, and connect again with our inner selves. In the end all that I mentioned above will fall into place once we can become present in the moment with no judgement and just be. 

1 Week Old, Healthy Baby Boy at 6 pounds, 3 ounces

The midwife came today to do a weight check and he is already 3 oz above his birth weight. He is such a snuggle bug who loves to nurse…way more then his older brother ever did! He lets out this loud bird call if he gets upset while sleeping and loves to be in the fetal position.

I keep imagining him curled up like this inside the womb and finding myself in disbelief that my body grew him. Something that will forever blow my mind.

Please check back soon because I will be sharing my home birth story as a soon as I get my pictures!


Erica Nicole Healthy Mom

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