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Save Buying in Bulk

Save Buying in Bulk

Buy in bulk.
NO membership fees.
FREE shipping over $49.
Which means big savings with no hassle.


My friend shared on Facebook that she has tried Boxed and LOVED it and we all needed to try it, so I did. She was so right! Being a mom now I learned its not as easy as it used to be to just run to the store and go shopping. My fiance and I recently tried a free 3 month membership at BJ’s to try and cut down on said trips to the store.

Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming and I feel going to a physical store I will buy things I may not need just because I see it. Great deals, but the place is so big we only got through half the store until I had to go sit in the car with my son so he could nap. Now with Boxed he naps comfortably in his own bed at home while I shop!

Most of BJ’s prices are comparable to Boxed and some are a little cheaper especially if you use their coupons, but again the convenience of not having to leave the house or paying for a membership makes the few cents here and  there worth it to me. Plus with Boxed you can earn 1% back on everything purchased and they have their own deals of the week plus rewards for referring others!

Use my referral link and receive $15 off your first order plus free shipping. Warning – I get credit 😉

From there after you get free shipping on any order over $49 plus receive 1% back on all purchases.
Below I have taken a few items I bought or looked into and compared to BJ’s and to Amazon Prime. They have lot’s of different items for sale. From groceries, baby items, personal care products, cleaning supplies, WINE, home and office, and even pet supplies!

Here are some price comparisons between Boxed, BJ’s and Amazon

Kind Bars:

18 for $19.99=$1.11 a bar

18 for $19.49=$1.08 a bar IN STORE ONLY

12 for $16.02=$1.34 a bar










Annie’s Fruit Snacks:

42 for $15.99=$.38 a pack

42 for $14.99=$.35 a pack

42 for $24.47=$.58 a pack










Annie’s Mac N Cheese:

12 for $13.19=$1.10 a box


12 for $21.90=$1.82 a box









Pampers Sensitive Wipes:

576 for $15.99=$.027 a wipe

800 for $19.99=$.024 a wipe

488 for $11.29=$.023










Huggies Diapers:

192 for $37.99=$.19 a diaper

204 for $39.99=$.19 a diaper

216 for $38.99=$.18 per diaper










I like Boxed best for the convenience. BJs and Amazon are definitely great too! I already have Amazon Prime for the free shipping because with how much I buy online it’s totally worth it. Plus with the good deals on diapers and even better deals if you have Amazon Family with your Prime account.  I enjoy Amazon Music and  Video which is FREE included in my Prime Account! Try Prime for FREE! if you haven’t already.

Let me know if you tried any of these options, what you think, and any tips you might have for our readers. Thanks


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