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Need More bathroom Storage?


My bathroom is not very small it just does not have a lot of place to store all my personal care products! We have one of those lovely full length 80’s mirrors so we don’t have a medicine cabinet! All my Arbonne face products are lined up on the side of the sink and I HATE stuff sitting on the vanity, but I have nowhere else to put it! I found this idea on Pinterest  to use spice racks in the bathroom for all your personal care products and I would say this was a great success!
Here is what I did:
I ordered the cute spice racks off Amazon.  They are technically from Ikea, but I have Amazon Prime so I get free two day shipping! They come unfinished and not together, but it was not difficult to build at all. I’m kind of bummed I didn’t just do them both at the same time, but I didn’t think we needed both. Now that it is up I love it and want to do the other one!


Step 1: I primed it.

Step 2: I painted it white to go with our bathroom.

Step 3: I put it together following the easy directions and using their tools.

Step 4: Mounted it on my wall with my own screws. (They did not provide screws to attach it to the wall).
Viola a new shelf for all my Arbonne goodies that does not take up a lot of room or look ridiculous or messy! I know have room to put a hand towel!
Before-Pic shelf

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