How to Help Soothe a Teething Baby

Ethan my now 10 month old is a bundle of love full of smiles who gives the absolute best hugs. He doesn’t just smile, he looks you right in the eye and smiles with his whole face.  It feels so genuine. He’s full of belly laughs too….well was. Until those pearly whites started trying to make their way through his pink pink gums. The last two weeks have been tough. Poor Ethan has been whinny, a clingy, and clearly in pain. Not so many belly laughs these days and it’s even effected his eating and sleep. Is your little one going through the same thing? Yes, once it’s effecting his sleep and eating I feel medicine can help, but even that doesn’t settle him sometimes, so I want to share what else I am doing in hopes to get your baby and you some relief. 


This was recommended to me on one of my mommy Facebook groups and I must say I love it. It reminds me of an all natural Orajel. Using this before feeding your baby will help tremendously because it will numb those swollen gums. It is super safe using mostly herbs so no worry of overdosing if it’s ingested or if you need to use it frequently.


I learned about this magic necklace during one of my mommy/baby play groups. It’s a small necklace put on your baby made out of pretty amber beads. The warmth of your baby’s skin helps release succinic acid from the beads which is then absorbed into their skin. This acid is naturally made by our bodies and has been known to help inflammation and I’ve noticed less drooling and fussiness with Ethan since he started wearing it.  Do not let your baby chew on this, order one short enough that it cannot reach their mouth and make sure it’s 100% Amber.


This is made from food grade silicone and worn around your neck, so while holding your baby they have something to chew on and help entertain them. This also doubles as something for them to play with while breastfeeding. Although it reminds me of chunky jewelry from the 80’s they have many different colors and styles to still make you look somewhat fashionable.


I think this is Ethan’s favorite. Although somewhat messy this can keep your baby content and happy for sometime. While not teething you can put different soft foods inside for them to mush and chew on, but while teething I place frozen breast milk inside to help numb and massage the gums too. Using breast milk makes this a great option for even the littlest babies too! Also, if you’ve started solids frozen fruits like bananas or strawberries could be a great option to stuff inside!


There are many many teething toys on the market, but these by far have been both my boys favorites. The unique shapes help them reach the painful teeth during different stages of teething. The Q helps the smaller babies getting those first teeth. The big circle is easy for them to hold and the nub of the Q is a short length to reach those front gums and not cause a gag reflex. The P’s “stem” helps reach the teeth further back while still have a place to hold on too.

Dibly the Dino-sore-no-more

This is another great teething toy, It has so many different nubs and textures to help your baby through all the teething stages. It even has a toothbrush tail to get your baby use to brushing their teeth. Ethan really likes this teething toy and it is very easy for him to hold.


This is a simple one. I prefer to use a baby washcloth because it’s thin. I wet it, fold it into a rectangular shape so it’s easy to hold and then stick it in the fridge or freezer. Another great thing to distract them and help numb those inflamed gums.

I’m using all of these items/ideas in combination with each other through out the day. The pressure and pain our little ones feeling during this rough time is hard deal with and can pull at those heart strings. I hope your baby gets some soothing relief soon!  XOXO

Erica Nicole Healthy Mom

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